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What Inspired Me to Try AI in Art
Bolivian Dancer
Resilience Art Project - Jurors, 2023
Resilience Art Project Visual Artists
Resilience Art Project
Slideshow - Bolivian Dancer
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Resilience Art Project - Selected 5 Artists
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The Society is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We incorporated on June 26, 1987, as a non-profit society, and since then, we have and continue to stage with tremendous success.

Our primary mandate and objectives are:

  • To promote cultural exchanges among different Artists who perform Hispanic Music, Dance, Performing, and Visual Arts.
  • To advance, promote, and educate the general public and schools about the appreciation of Hispanic art and culture by providing workshops, cultural pavilions, and public artistic performances that portray the idiosyncrasy of the 20 Latin American countries plus Spain.
  • To bring the public’s attention to the unique characteristics of the Hispanic Arts Community.
  • To enhance Arts Community and to increase Canada’s access to Hispanic artistic experiences.
  • To help expose Hispanic emerging talents and promote established artists.
Hispanic Latin American Map