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Mariela, president of the Hispanic Arts Society, is an arts administrator and a versatile multidisciplinary artist who has explored folkloric dance, acting, and digital arts. She has pioneered Spanish-language theatre productions with international artists. Mariela is the visionary founder of Teatro Festival, Calgary's first Spanish theatre festival, showcasing the vibrant creativity and talent within the Spanish-speaking community. Her dedication and innovative approach have made her a prominent figure in promoting diverse Hispanic art forms.

1st Dia de Muertos 2019 by Hispanic Arts Society in Calgary


Dia de la Independencia de Mexico en Calgary, 2023

Invitación a la Ceremonia de Izamiento de la Bandera del Consulado Mexicano en Calgary.

El 16 de septiembre de 2023, el Consulado de México en Calgary organizará la Ceremonia de Izamiento de la Bandera Mexicana para celebrar el Día de la Independencia de México. Este evento tiene una significación especial, ya que conmemora el 213º Aniversario de la Independencia de México, un hito en la rica historia de la nación.

Uno de los momentos destacados de la ceremonia de mañana será la presencia del Ministro Muhammad Yaseen, Ministro de Inmigración y Multiculturalismo de Alberta. El Ministro Yaseen realizará un anuncio histórico al oficialmente declarar septiembre como el ‘Mes de la Herencia Mexicana’ en Alberta. Este reconocimiento subraya la profunda influencia cultural y las contribuciones de la comunidad mexicana en la provincia.

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Mexican Independence Day September 16 2023

Invitation to the Mexican Consulate Flag-Raising Ceremony on September 16

On September 16, 2023, the Consulate of Mexico in Calgary will host the Mexican Flag-Raising Ceremony to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. This event carries special significance as it marks the 213th Anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, a milestone in the nation’s rich history.

A highlight of tomorrow’s ceremony will be the presence of Minister Muhammad Yaseen, Alberta’s Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism. Minister Yaseen is set to make a historic announcement, officially declaring September as ‘Mexico Heritage Month’ in Alberta. This recognition underscores the profound cultural influence and contributions of the Mexican community within the province.

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BOTERO, Alberta Ballet

Alberta Ballet’s “BOTERO” wows audiences with innovative celebration of Colombian Art

In the mesmerizing production of “Botero,” the Alberta Ballet brings the iconic art of Fernando Botero to life on stage. Inspired by the renowned Colombian artist, this captivating ballet pushes boundaries and celebrates Botero’s unique style. Through bold choreography and larger-than-life sets, the dancers beautifully embody the exaggerated proportions and vibrant energy that define Botero’s art.

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What Inspired Me to Try AI in Art

What Inspired Me to Try AI in Art?

As a librarian, performer, and art administrator who loves technology, I have always been fascinated by the possibilities that emerge when these two fields intersect. In fact, I have a record of embracing new technologies in my life.

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