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Autumn Whiteway, Visual Artist

Autumn Whiteway

Resilience Art Project’s Visual Artist


Autumn Whiteway (Night Singing Woman) is a Saulteaux (Ojibway)/Métis archaeologist, artist, traditional craftworker, and curator based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, Alberta). She is a member of Berens River First Nation in Manitoba but grew up in Treaty 7 territory.

As an archaeologist, she has always been curious about the material culture produced by her ancestors, in addition to traditional knowledge passed down through the generations. This curiosity led her on a path of discovery, to learn to make different types of traditional Indigenous crafts.

Autumn also explores Indigenous themes from a contemporary perspective through painting, digital art, and photography. Her painting and digital art is primarily focused on the heavily symbolic Woodland Style of art, while her photographic practice is used as a form of activism to highlight Indigenous issues. Her curatorial work concentrates on elevating the voices of Indigenous creatives through a series of Indigenous focused exhibitions. Additionally, she is a teaching artist and facilitates various types of Indigenous art workshops.


Working in the colourful and symbolic Woodland Style of art, grandfathered by Indigenous artist Norval Morrisseau, I intend to depict representations of Indigenous resilience and interconnectedness with “All Our Relations” (our kin [family, community, animal and plant nations, Mother Earth]). The painting will be completed with acrylic paints mixed with different types of ground up Indigenous medicines (ie. tobacco, cedar, sage, sweetgrass). Indeed, the Woodland Style of art is also known as “Medicine Painting” for its ability to heal the viewer. The addition of plant medicines will further promote healing and resilience amongst those viewing the sculptural piece.

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