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Ballet Hispánico Doña Perón

Ballet Hispánico in Doña Perón

Prepare to be captivated by the dance and drama as the Hispanic Arts Society partners once again with Alberta Ballet to promote Ballet Hispánico's "Doña Perón." Join us for the opening night on September 14th for a night of extraordinary storytelling through dance.

Exciting Collaboration: Hispanic Arts Society & Alberta Ballet Present Ballet Hispánico’s “Doña Perón” 

Get ready for an extraordinary night of dance and drama as the Hispanic Arts Society joins forces once again with Alberta Ballet to promote Ballet Hispánico’s “Doña Perón.” The Hispanic Arts Society announces our presence at the opening night in Calgary on September 14th, offering you an exclusive 20% discount with the code “HAS20” for any of the dates in Calgary and Edmonton.

📅 Mark Your Calendars:
Doña Perón” will run in Calgary from September 14th to 16th and in Edmonton from September 22nd to 23rd. The total run time is 75 minutes with no intermission, so you’ll be immersed in the story from start to finish.

📍 Location: Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium [Calgary] & Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium [Edmonton]
🎟️ Ticket Information: Get your tickets at

The Story:
“Doña Perón” is not just a ballet; it’s a powerful portrayal of Eva “Evita” Perón, one of Argentina’s most iconic and controversial first ladies. Choreographed by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, with music by Peter Salem and stunning designs by Mark Eric and Christopher Ash, this performance is a must-see.

Evita’s Paradox:
Explore the extremes of power in Evita’s life story – from her humble beginnings as a dancehall girl to becoming a prominent political figure. Was she a true advocate for Argentina’s working class, or was she living a life of opulence and deceit?

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, known for her work on Alberta Ballet’s “BOTERO” from the 2022-23 season, beautifully infuses ballet with tango in this stunning contemporary work. Her goal is to give female dancers real, complex roles on stage.

🚪Jubilee Doors Open:
Arrive early! The Jubilee doors will open 60 minutes before the performance, allowing you to soak in the atmosphere and excitement of the evening.

🩰 Live Performance:
Performed by the New York-based Ballet Hispánico with live music, “Doña Perón” has been captivating audiences across North America since its 2022 premiere.

Join us on September 14th for a night that promises to leave you spellbound and celebrate the arts, culture, and the incredible talent of Ballet Hispánico. We can’t wait to see you there! 


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