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Experience the Vibrant World of Botero’s Artwork in Alberta Ballet’s Newest Show!

Alberta Ballet is proud to present their newest show “Botero” at the Calgary’s Jubilee Auditorium on May 11-13, 2023. This highly anticipated performance will showcase the work of world-renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero, whose iconic paintings and sculptures are known for their larger-than-life proportions and exaggerated forms.

“Botero” is a ballet that brings Botero’s artwork to life on stage, with stunning choreography by the prolific Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and costumes that capture the essence of his style. The show features a collection of Botero’s most famous pieces.

The Alberta Ballet has assembled an incredibly talented cast of dancers who will bring Botero’s artwork to life through their movements. The dancers have been working tirelessly to perfect their choreography and bring the spirit of Botero’s artwork to the stage.

As a community partner of the Alberta Ballet, the Hispanic Arts Society is committed to promoting and celebrating Hispanic cultures through the arts. “Botero” is a perfect example of this commitment, as it showcases the work of a world-renowned Latin American artist and highlights the incredible talent of the Alberta Ballet.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary performance. Get your tickets today and be prepared to be transported into the vibrant world of Fernando Botero’s artwork through the beauty of dance.

Be sure not to miss this show! 

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Music: Juan Pablo Acosta
Sets & Costumes: Diana Echandía

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