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Resilience Art Project

Resilience Art Project’s Exhibition Journey


  • Calgary International Airport: currently on display until August 16, 2023. Location: Domestic Arrivals, between doors 4 & 5
  • Calgary Municipal Building: May 2023
  • Telus Convention Centre: March 2023
About the Project

Uniting artists to celebrate strength and inspire transformation.

Resilience Art Project, Open Call for Artists
HAS is grateful to Canadian Heritage for its generous support, which has made this project possible.

The Resilience Art Project brings together a diverse range of  artists from Alberta to express their unique perspectives and experiences, contributing to a larger message of resilience and hope.

The Project included an open call inviting artists to submit their proposals for painting a surface design on one of five sculptural canvases. HAS received a high volume of applications from emerging and established artists from all over Western Canada. After a rigorous selection process, the independent jury selected five artists to participate in the project.

The five selected artists received $1,200 plus $300 for material expenses to bring the 3D canvases to life.

The 3D canvases are identical in form, creating a heart-shaped silhouette when viewed from front and back angles at a distance of at least 15 feet. The form of the sculpture becomes increasingly abstract as the viewer moves closer and around the sculpture. This playful illusion required detailed planning by HAS’s in-house design team led by Daniela Szeoke. The team created the design in a perceptual style to invite viewers to contemplate the endless variations in the way we see and experience resilience.


Visual Arts: one of the Hispanic Arts Society's four core areas!

Through the Resilience Art Project, we celebrate the indomitable human spirit and the ability of art to heal, uplift, and unite.

Hispanic Arts Society’s Board

The Artists

The Jury

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