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2023 Stampede Parade and Prelude media event

Last night, the Alberta Ballet brought their production of “Botero” to a close in a stunning final performance at the Jubilee Auditorium. Inspired by the work of renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero, the production captivated audiences with its bold choreography and larger-than-life sets.

Throughout the performance, the audience was treated to a visual feast of Botero’s signature style of “boterismo,” which exaggerates the proportions of figures and objects in his art. Dressed in intricate costumes, the dancers moved with precision and grace to bring Botero’s art to life on stage.

The ballet explored themes of power, love, and religion with a freshness and vitality rarely seen in traditional ballet repertoire. Incorporating Latin dance elements added a unique flavour to the performance, delighting the audience and keeping them engaged.

The closing night of “Botero” marked the culmination of a remarkable journey. This full-length ballet, choreographed by the talented Colombian-Belgian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, shattered boundaries and brought Botero’s iconic style to life. It was in 2021 that a shorter commissioned piece by the Ballet Metropolitano de Medellín first captivated audiences in Colombia, serving as a prelude to the grand production presented by the Alberta Ballet. Lopez Ochoa’s choreography was nothing short of extraordinary, seamlessly blending Latin dance styles with the grace of classical ballet movements. The meticulously crafted sets and costumes faithfully and passionately echoed the spirit of Botero’s art, resulting in an unforgettable sensory experience.

The Hispanic Arts Society is proud to have been a community partner of the Alberta Ballet throughout the run of “Botero.” This groundbreaking production showcased the power of collaboration between different art forms, and we were thrilled to see it come to life on stage. As an organization that celebrates Hispanic culture and the arts, we were particularly delighted to see the incorporation of a well-known Hispanic visual artist and Latin dance elements in the ballet. It was a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Latin America and a reminder of the many ways the arts can bring people together. The Hispanic Arts Society looks forward to future collaborations with the Alberta Ballet, and we are excited to see what innovative productions they will bring to the stage next. “Botero” was a triumph, and it has set a high bar for what can be achieved when artists come together to push the boundaries of their respective disciplines. 


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